Nathan is SOO close to walking independently.  He is still not sure of his steps and balance, but he is letting go of furniture and hands and attempting to walk across the room.  This is, of course, terrifying for Erik and I, but we are SO excited!  We have waited so long to see him walk and I can’t believe that finally that dream is coming to fruition.  Going to PT for the past 2 and 1/2 years has definitely helped, and I am so thankful for both of our wonderful PT’s we have had…both named Jessica!  All of his therapists are so encouraging and have been trying to help him in all aspects of development, but I know they are all extremely excited that he’s so close to walking.

Only a few months ago he would barely even hold our hands and take steps.  Now, with holding only one hand (very loosely) he is going everywhere.  It is amazing how much progress he has made.  And you can see in his eyes how determined he is, when only a few months ago he hated anything to do with using his legs to walk.  He’ll pull himself into a stand on any piece of furniture and just takes off.  Thank goodness he has enough of a reflex to put his hands down when he falls, because he’s been doing that a lot  🙂  But even when he goes down, he crawls right back over to something stationary and starts all over again.  It is amazing to witness.

Unfortunately, without uploading to YouTube and going through a million steps, I can’t get the videos of him walking on here.  They are on my Facebook page, so make sure to visit to see them.  And of course I have no pictures of him standing/walking, but I promise I will get some and share them on the blog.

Such a great milestone and I can’t wait to celebrate when he finally chooses walking over crawling!