On this World Down Syndrome Day 2013, I realized how blessed I am to be surrounded by so many supportive and wonderful people.  When our journey began, I never thought that I would have these kinds of communities in my life.  I made that plural for a reason…I am surrounded by multiple awesome communities.  I continue to feel supported and enjoy advocating with my Ds community online.  I have an amazing community of co-workers who always give support. And then I have a great circle of family and friends that I couldn’t do without.

On days like this, when we celebrate things that weren’t even in my vocabulary five years ago, I realize how much I need and cherish all of these people.

The co-worker that e-mails you because she feels guilty she forgot to wear blue and yellow or the one who throws an extra Buddy Walk shirt over her own.  The ones who stop into your office to show you how they are supporting and cheering you on (and for food, of course :)).  The family members who wear their Buddy Walk shirts to work.  And the Ds moms who post awesome and inspiring things on Facebook, blogs and Pinterest and truly make you feel proud to be a part of their community.

This post is for all of you.  You’re awesome!  Your support and love is much more than I ever expected and my whole family appreciates that.

Happy World Down Syndrome Day!!