Nathan and Brosius…they’re a pair that don’t see eye to eye.

Nathan LOVES Brosius.  He says the “k” sound in cat whenever Brosius walks by.  He signs “dog” (even though Brosius is a cat) when he wants him to come over to him.  He constantly crawls towards him and pulls himself up on everything in order to get closer to Brosius.

Brosius HATES Nathan.  Well, maybe hate is a bit of a strong word.  He doesn’t swat at him or try to bite him.  He just does all he can to avoid any contact with Nathan at all cost.  Honestly, Erik and I think that Brosius doesn’t understand Nathan.  Nathan came in and stole the spotlight and now Brosius only really seems to love Erik.  I guess because I technically brought Nathan into this world?!?!

We are lucky that Brosius basically just tries to avoid Nathan, but it is always humorous to see how intense Nathan in when he wants Brosius to pay attention to him.

Here are some visuals of Nathan and Brosius and their love/hate relationship.