One of the most overwhelming things about learning your son/daughter has Down syndrome postnatally is all of the information (much of it out of date!) that you are given.  Well, at least we were given tons of brochures, numbers, book titles, etc.  When you’re trying to bond with your baby and want to figure out how to be a parent, for your first, this is not the type of “support” you need initially.

After everything sinks in, some of the brochures are viewed.  Numbers, like Early Intervention, are called.  Meetings are scheduled.  In most states, your child is evaluated…..ugghhhh.  What an awful thing to go through, especially when your baby doesn’t DO anything!  What 2 month old does!??!

Luckily, one of the BEST things that can come out of this crap are the therapists you are assigned.  It may start off small, as it did for us.  We began with one of the best physical therapists when Nathan was 2 months old.  He was also assigned a special instructor, who remains with us to this day.  Every few months, more therapies would be recommended, and we would get to meet more wonderful people.

For almost a year now, we have had the same therapists (minus one) and I am so glad that seemingly endless fluctuation seems to have stopped.  It really stunk when Nathan would get used to a therapist, and then she would have to leave for one reason or another.

Nathan currently has 9 therapies a week.  Yes, it seems like a lot and it IS a lot.  Some parents choose to do minimal or no therapy when their child goes through EI (Early Intervention).  But with both Erik and I working full-time, we felt that Nathan will definitely benefit from these extra, important, interactions throughout his week.  He has learned and done SO many things because of these wonderful women (we haven’t had any men!).

Yes, 9 therapy sessions a week seems like overload.  But I think Nathan truly achieves much more because these therapists work with him and Erik and I follow through as best as we can.

In case you’re interested, here is Nathan’s therapy schedule:

Physical Therapy 2x week

Occupational Therapy 2x week

Feeding Therapy 1x week

Special Instructor 2x week

Speech Therapy 2x week

We want to say THANK YOU to all of our wonderful therapists, past and present.  We appreciate all you do and all you have taught Nathan and us 🙂