Two weeks of being out of touch with reality and my family.  Two weeks to learn so much about myself and becoming a leader.  Two weeks to meet new friends that I feel like I have known forever.  Two weeks doesn’t seem like a long time, but it is.

After returning home from a two week stint at a Leadership Academy for my administrative certification, I realize how much I missed.  Each day there blended into another and I never seemed to know the date or specific day (neither did anyone else!!).  The cell service wasn’t great and I had no T.V., so I really couldn’t chat with my family too much or see what was happening in the news.  It was nice to be in my own little world, learning things that I had never thought about before.  But it also brought some realizations into my life that I had never considered.  In both ways, those two weeks away changed me deeply.

Nathan did so well with Erik, my mom, and Erik’s parents.  I am so thankful that they were able to step in and take care of my boy.  It made it that much easier to get away and not have to worry about home.  I don’t think I could have handled both.  My schedule at MCLA was completely full and all of my energy was spent on class, field trips, presentations, and some fun (like swimming in the lake :)).

Here is a picture of three wonderful ladies I met.  We became instant friends.  I appreciate them making it easier for me to be away from home by simply helping me to enjoy myself and to not sit in my dorm room each night alone 🙂

I met so many other wonderful people and my cohort was awesome.  We had a great time in class and out.  I am excited to reunite with them next July.

Here are some photos of the most adorable Nathan from the past few weeks…