Onto the third (I think??) week of blog hopping…

Today, the topic is simply “Pictures, and more pictures”.

One thing that my husband has been doing for almost the entire time Nathan has been around is taking pictures in the morning and sending them to all of our family.  This allows them to see him each day, but it also allows me to see him because I leave much earlier than Nathan and Erik head to the babysitters.

So I thought I would share some of my morning pictures on this post.  All of them are from the past few weeks (although I could post HUNDREDS more).  Enjoy!!

“No, no Daddy…don’t take my picture!”

What a smile!!

“What, Dad??  I’m just watching some TV.”

“Looks like you didn’t get your full refund!  Should have let me do your taxes!”

Big smile!

“What did you say, Smart-e bear?”

“Dad, since you’re taking so long to get ready, I’m going to read a book…”