In case you haven’t heard, a book came out on April 3rd called Bloom by Kelle Hampton.  She is a Ds momma who has a beautiful daughter named, Nella (and another lovely little lady named, Lainey!).  Her story plays out in this  amazing book, which I am about halfway through.  I think her message is one that needs to be shared and enjoyed by more than just people who have connections with Down syndrome.  It is a story about life and savoring all the special little (and big) things.


I have also stumbled across a blog about advocacy written by another Ds momma.  She also has a beautiful daughter, Rowenna.  She advocates to not only people in her neighborhood, but has taken it to a political level and is pushing for rights for people with disabilities.  Take a look at her blog and see what you think!  Much of her message is exactly what I feel about advocating and rights for individuals with disabilities.