The weather was beautiful today.  The forecast says it is going to be over 80 degrees here tomorrow….I can’t believe it!  Bought a beautiful dress from Old Navy that I am very excited to wear with the weather forecasted.

Unfortunately, the nice weather came at the END of my spring break. 😦

We had a nice Easter with my family at our apartment.  We planned hors d’ouvre instead of a big meal.  Erik made chili.  Our table looked like this…

Of course the talk of the town was my beautiful peep tree (thank you, Pinterest!)

The family, with our two great aunts.

On Tuesday, we packed the car (and I mean PACKED, as I am a slight overpacker…..haha) and headed to Buffalo to see some old friends.  We spent most of the week with Sarah and her family (thanks for letting us stay with you!).  Erik, Nathan and I had some fun times in the car.  Stopped at Cracker Barrel on the way there and back.  Here’s a picture of me with my beautiful boy…

While in Buffalo, we headed to the zoo, which was very cool.  Nathan loved waving at all of the animals, even though he was more interested in watching the people.

On Friday, we headed to a beautiful park right by Niagara Falls.  It was such a fun and beautiful day.

Nathan loved the water and the walks we took.  He wasn’t too keen on sitting and eating lunch, but loved everything else.

We played a lot of games and hung out with some wonderful people.  The drive there and back was great and Nathan was such a trooper in the car.  Nathan even got a third Easter celebration with Sarah and her family and got his own basket!

Now that spring break is over, things are going back to normal.  Nathan goes back to his routine and Erik and I head back to work.  We enjoyed our week off together and can’t wait to take another vacation!