I have once again been lapse in my updating of this blog.  Really for no other reason than I am lazy and spend way too much time looking at other blogs, checking Facebook, going on Pinterest and playing Scramble with Friends.  I know, it’s sad, but when I come home, I just feel like unwinding and not having to think too much after Nathan goes to bed.

So here goes a quick update…

Nathan is doing well.  He is funny as ever and has been making more sounds and picking up more signs.  We found out from his Speech Therapist that a sign we couldn’t figure out means “Thank You,” even though it isn’t the proper sign.  Now that we know, it’s really cute to see him do it.

Since I was off this week, Nathan and I had a good time hanging out.  On Monday, he suddenly decided to pull to stand next to the couch.  I placed him there in a sitting position and pulled the cushions off and there was something on there he REALLY wanted and he just went for it.  I honestly never expected him to do it, but I figured I would put him there to see what he would do.  He actually got his arms up on the couch and pulled himself up.  This is HUGE for him since he doesn’t like to use his arms for anything, like pushing up to sit from the floor.  I made him do it a few more times, attempted to get it on video and he was so proud of himself.  He is so fast at it that all of the video I could get, he was already standing by the time it starts.  So this is a big step for us.  He did it for his PT on Tuesday too.

Unfortunately, Nathan started running a fever and not feeling well on Wednesday.  We brought him to the doctor and she said to begin the nebulizer and give him Tylenol/Motrin. For a few months now, Nathan resists any sort of medicine we try to give him.  And when I say resist, I really mean fights violently to keep it OUT of his mouth and not down his throat.  This is not fun when he is prescribed antibiotics, as he was on Friday, and we literally have to shove the syringe down his throat to get it stay down there.  Unfortunately this also means that the Tylenol/Motrin we give him doesn’t seem to bring his fevers down to below 100, maybe because he spits half of it out.  It is a war to get him to take anything, and it really is getting frustrating because we are not able to help his fever go down to normal.  Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in a little more and get the fever to go away.

Other than that, things are going well for us.  Nathan is doing well with all of his therapists, I actually got to meet with three of them this week….finally!  I don’t get to see him in most of his therapies because they happen when I am at work.  So it was nice to catch up and hear them rave about how much they love him.  They all also mentioned how stubborn he is and how much he CAN do but simply chooses not to do.  Erik and I know that very well about our little Nathan.

(This is Nathan pretending to answer a phone when one of us says “hello??”.  It’s really cute that he does that.)

Hopefully in March I will be posting a lot more.  World Down Syndrome Awareness Day is coming on March 21st and I would like to try to blog more to raise some awareness.  You can get more information about it by clicking on the button on the right-hand side of my blog.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!