Since birth, Nathan has been failing hearing tests.  This has prompted many visits to an audiologist and ENT.  Basically he has quite a bit of fluid built up in those little ears.  A sedated ABR, performed when he was about 8 months old, confirmed this as well. His ear canals have been much too small for a long time, which meant that tubes were not an option.

Our last visit to the ENT finally brought the news we were waiting to hear (and a little reluctant to hear at the same time).  The doctor said that his canals were finally large enough for tubes, and we scheduled the surgery.  It had to be done in a hospital because he has Down syndrome, and extra precautions are necessary.


Now that it’s finally over, I can say it was one of the scariest experiences that I have had to go through with him.  He has been to MANY doctors and had a bunch of different tests, shots, blood drawn, etc.  None of them have been as bad as I thought they would be.  This  procedure was WORSE than I thought it would be.  Basically because they took my baby away, I had to watch him go under anesthesia and he was a basket case when he woke up.  I think I may have cried as much as he did.  I am so thankful it is OVER and it was successful.  The doctor was able to drain a whole bunch of gunky fluid and get tubes in both ears.  This should eliminate a lot of problems, like hearing loss and ear infections, for him for a while.  We can already tell that he hears better, which is amazing.

We are so thankful for our great ENT, who performed the surgery.  The wonderful nurses and staff at the hospital were so good to Nathan and us as well.

On a side note, Nathan has been catching on to a whole lot more signs recently.  He does “for me”, “all done”, “daddy”, “mommy” (sometimes), and he finally got one that we have been working on for a long time…”more”.  We got a cute, but short, video of him doing “all done” and “more” the other day.  Enjoy!