We recently changed Nathan’s PT, as I may have mentioned in an earlier post.  I now bring  him to a gym and meet with a therapist there.  At first, it was not much more successful than the PT we had coming to the house.  He cried the entire time and didn’t really want to work with the new PT.  But after about 3 sessions, he warmed up to the therapist and now he LOVES her.  His therapy sessions since then have been WONDERFUL!  Nathan has started to attempt to climb stairs and has been standing with a lot more strength.

Today the therapist brought in a weird contraption called a gait trainer…

I have heard of/seen these before, but it never really entered my mind to have Nathan use one.  It is basically a walking aid for children who either have limited use of their lower extremities, or who need help with weight bearing/strengthening while walking.  Nathan does NOT like to bear weight on his legs…never has.  This is the PERFECT contraption for him.  It allows him to take breaks and sit down on the piece between his legs but it also gives him the stability to stand without one of us holding him.  Plus, when he figures it out, he can move in it!  This will hopefully trigger some connections in his cute little head of how to put one foot in front of the other.

Look at him go!  He was able to move backwards a little bit and moved his other foot when the therapist prompted with the first foot.  All of the therapists in the room (not just his PT) were trying to get him to go.  It was the cutest thing!  So I have all the confidence in the world that this WILL help him walk.  We are hopefully going to be able to get one for home/babysitter’s house.

Just an update in the feeding area….

We have started feeding therapy and it is going WONDERFULLY!  The therapist said that she rarely sees this kind of progress in such a little amount of time.  He is so close to spoon-feeding and will not self-feed certain things (and it’s only been two weeks!).  We still have to get over some sensory and texture issues, but he will!

So excited and proud of my boy for all of his progress!