Nathan got quite a few awesome things for Christmas, but one of his favorites is the SmartTrike that Grammy and Pop got for him.  Erik and I thought it would be a good idea to get him something he could ride around in, since he may not be walking for a while, without him having to be stuck in a stroller.  Although it’s not ideal for cold weather (meanwhile we’ve been able to use it twice because it’s been so WARM!), it is a tricycle that transforms.  It starts out with the adult being able to push the child, with different safety  measures.  Then you remove a few things for the bigger toddler and finally it is a simple tricycle for bigger kids.

Nathan got one that is red and black and as soon as we put him in it on Christmas morning, he was enthralled.  He LOVES riding around in it and when we stop moving, he rocks back and forth to tell us to GO GO GO!

Here are some pictures of Nathan on our first outside walk with the SmartTrike.  Most of them he is not looking at the camera because he was having so much fun looking at everything around him.  Enjoy!