I have never been a huge fan of New Years, even when I was younger.  I am not a night person, I’d rather be up early in the morning.  I don’t drink a whole heck of a lot and I am not a huge party person.

Since Erik and I have been together, we spent a few New Years at his parents just hanging out and playing games.  It was a lot of fun, and a nice, quiet night that I enjoyed.  We live a little further away now and with Nathan, we don’t get there every year now.

This year we decided to stay in and just have NYE with the three of us.  Naturally, Nathan was in bed around 8pm (as I write this at 8:23pm he’s still fighting sleep, though).  Erik and I picked up some appetizers for us and plan to just watch the ball drop and enjoy our time together.  It should be a nice night of pj’s, relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.

I want to thank all of you who were there for us over the past year.  Your love and support has meant so much to my family and I.  I am also so blessed by the new friends and connections I have made in the Ds community.  It is awesome to be surrounded, whether in person or virtually, by so many people who are special in so many ways.

I hope this year brings many new and exciting things for my boy and our family.  2011 was a good year, but I am hoping that 2012 is even better.  Can’t wait to start fresh and new.

Here’s to hoping everyone has a wonderful and safe New Years Eve and a very HAPPY New Year!

Just because I rarely post without any pictures, here are some cute ones of Nathan when we attempted to have him practice self-feeding.  He went into the bath immediately afterwards, but seemed to enjoy himself for most of it!