Erik, Nathan and I headed into NYC yesterday to do some sight-seeing and of course, see the tree in Rockefeller Center.  It was a cold day, but the wind was much quieter than it was on Wednesday, when we were originally supposed to go in.  Nathan did not sleep well Tuesday night and none of us were in the mood to walk around the cold city on Wednesday.

After Nathan’s session with his special instructor Thursday morning, we bundled up and headed for the train.  Nathan looked like a big marshmallow waiting for the train, but at least he was warm!

We had a nice train ride, which Nathan loves (so does his Daddy…lol) and then started to walk around NYC.  Before we even got out of Grand Central, Nathan fell asleep amidst the hustle and bustle of that busy station.  We headed out onto 42nd street and went straight for Macy’s to look at the windows.  Because I am a horrible picture taker, I only have about 10 pictures and most are of the tree and right before we went home.  Nathan did sleep MOST of the trip, so it wasn’t like I could get a bunch of cute ones with him anyway….haha.

After looking at the beautiful windows at Macy’s, we walked to Times Square which was VERY crowded.  Headed into the Hershey’s shop for a bit, then went into the M&M store.  Luckily we got out of both without buying anything…lol.  Then we walked to FAO Schwarz (after picking up some lunch at a deli).  Luckily, Nathan was awake for FAO, or that would have been a total loss!  We did somehow manage to completely cut the line (which was around the building) by simply heading for the door with a stroller where one of the guards told us that we could go through because we had the stroller…lol.  The lady walking in next to us said that there was a big line and I proceeded to tell her that the guy told us we could go in here because we had a stroller.  She backed off, but I really did not realize that the line was so long until we got INSIDE and looked out the windows.  We felt a little bad, but not enough to not enjoy ourselves 🙂

This was the only picture we took in FAO Schwarz of Nathan since we did have so much fun looking around and I totally forgot about pictures…

After that we walked around some more and headed to see the tree.  It wasn’t totally dark, but it was getting there.  Again, Nathan had fallen asleep so he missed all of the splendor (not that I think he would have cared anyway!).  Erik and I had a good time seeing the beautiful tree and manuevering our way around the thousands of people.

That was our cheesy attempt at taking a shot of ourselves with the tree.  Didn’t come out too bad…..

We headed home after that and the train was actually not too bad considering it was around 5pm.  On the way home we picked up some Chinese food and then we all went to be early because it was a tiring day in the city.  Well, tiring for Erik and I….Nathan slept most of the day…lol.

And today we are spending a nice, quiet day INSIDE where it is warm.  Enjoy your Friday, everyone!