I can’t believe Christmas is already over….well the actual day, anyway.  Nathan got a TON of new stuff and Erik and I enjoyed spending time with our families.  Nathan had a great time with everyone, too.  He didn’t seem to care too much about opening presents, though.  Christmas Eve was basically had to make him sit there and open things and he just liked playing with the tissue paper.  Christmas morning he was a little more excited but he seemed to do the best on Christmas day sitting with Aunt Heather.

He does love all of his new stuff and we are very blessed to have our family and friends that spoil him with all of these things.  He received a xylophone for Christmas from Grammy and Pop and it is one of his favorite new toys.  He plays that thing like mad and then screams in a high pitched voice as though he is singing along.  Nathan also loves his new Elmo video from Grandma and Grandpa.  Aunt Heather and Uncle Bryan got him an adorable cat book that he is enthralled with as well.

Unfortunately, Nathan has still been running a fever off and on over this Christmas holiday. He is still very congested and on his nebulizer.  Hopefully he can fight off this virus soon!

Since none of us got a whole lot of sleep last night, I am going to put up a few pictures from Christmas.  If you want to see more, look on my Facebook page 🙂

Enjoy and we hope you all had a wonderful holiday!