Our little Tarzan…

has a fever again.  It started Sunday morning, when he woke up with a little over 101.  He was fine on Saturday.  Has been a little congested for the past few days, but nothing major.  So we spent the day relaxing, giving him some medicine, which only brought the fever down to around 100, and sleeping.  Erik took off Monday morning to take him to the doctor.  He was told that there is a lot of respiratory illness going around and the doctor didn’t want to take a chance on it getting any worse than it was.  He gave him some antibiotics, told us to continue the nebulizer (which we did on Sunday night) and Tylenol until the fever went away.

For those that don’t know, Nathan HATES taking medicine.  He used to be OK with it until we began this new reflux medicine.  For some reason, he spits most of that out (even though it doesn’t have a taste) and now every time he sees a syringe he furiously shakes his head “no” and closes his mouth.  So it is quite an escapade getting anything in his mouth.  We thought that he might like the antibiotics a little more because they are flavored, but now he is so used to spitting out anything that is put in his mouth with a syringe, that he is doing it with the antibiotics too.  We’re trying our best to get the majority of the medicine in there.  We put it all the way in the back of his mouth, squirt into cheek, hold his mouth shut, sing, dance, etc.  We’d stand on our heads if it meant he would actually SWALLOW the stuff without a fight.  But I guess this is one battle we will have for a long time.

Oh, and about that adorable picture in the beginning.  Nathan now thinks it is funny to take his one arm out of his shirt and sit like that until we fix it (when he does it again).  Don’t mind the red eyes, cheeks and overall drowsy look of the next few pictures, the poor kid has a fever 😦

Please say a prayer that our little Tarzan gets better soon!