Happy (late) Thanksgiving to everyone!  We went to Erik’s grandparents on Thursday and had a very nice day.  Had some wonderful food and enjoyed spending time with family.

Unfortunately our little Nathan started with a rash and low-grade fever on Tuesday.  My mom and Erik brought him to the doctor and they said it was simply a virus.  He ran a low-grade fever for a few days until Saturday morning when it spiked to almost 102.  We brought him to the doctor and again, they couldn’t find anything more.  No ear infection, strep, sore throat, etc.  By Saturday night, his fever had reached 103.7 and he was extremely irritable.  After calling the on call doctor, we gave him a rotation of Tylenol and Motrin and the fever has come down to around 100 and stayed there since last night.  He slept pretty well and his fever has not gone back up, even with no Tylenol or Motrin.  So hopefully that was the end of the virus and it is getting out of his system.  He still looks/feels bad, but at least the fever is not as bad.

As usual, Nathan is smiley and sweet (for the most part) even when he is sick.  Just gave him a bath this morning and he seems to feel a little better (and look a little better) after that.  We had some play time before lunch and here are some pictures to show off his skills (some new, some not).  Enjoy and hopefully the next time I write, Nathan will be well over this stinky virus!!

Here’s sick little boy showing off how he answers the phone.

“Hello!  Is this Daddy?”

Sideways cheeseball smile

Trying to point to Daddy’s nose

“Where’s your head, Nathan?”

“Where’s your nose?”

Happy Sunday everyone!!