Life has been absolutely crazy.  I can’t believe it is already Thanksgiving next week and then comes CHRISTMAS!!!  My all time favorite holiday, but I don’t like having to worry about getting everyone gifts AND making sure they’ll be something they like.  I do love buying gifts but it always takes me forever to pick out the right thing that I think that person will appreciate and use.

This year, we are donating towards Reece’s Rainbow for our immediate family members.  We all have too many “things” and I thought this would be a perfect way to give.  I asked them to pick the child they wanted and then Erik, Nathan and I are going to donate in honor of them.  Definitely a great gift idea if you’re out there wondering what to give someone 🙂

I also recently became a Scentsy consultant.  Scentsy is a wonderful company that sells wickless candles and warmers (and much more!).  They also make great holiday gift ideas and I am having my launch party next week!  I am excited to be doing something new and bringing in some extra income for my family, but also nervous about having to “sell” my business and how successful I will be.  Check out my website if you’d like to learn more about it…

Ok now onto a topic I’m sure you ALL came here for….Nathan!  He is doing very well.  Army crawling like a crazy man….he is super fast!  Learned how to point to his own nose when you say “Where’s Nathan’s nose?”  Went to his 18 month check up and his ped. thinks he is doing WONDERFULLY!  He is getting some Sure Step orthotics in the next few weeks to help him stand/balance.  LOVES to clap!  Doing well in therapies and with his babysitters.  Is babbling/talking a lot more yet, although he still doesn’t say MAMA!!

Phew….Ok I think that’s the basic update.  He is still as cute as ever and I can’t wait to get our Christmas card pictures taken so we can share his beautiful face 🙂

Here are some pictures of Nathan in his new favorite spot…the laundry basket!