I know I have missed a few days of “31 for 21” but I did try my best!

A few fellow Ds moms have been writing about a certain topic recently and I thought it was a great subject to mention on my blog.  The idea of someone with Down syndrome being “high functioning”.  Although it certainly doesn’t offend me like when someone uses the “r” word, it is not really a discussion I enjoy having with people.  What does that even mean?  “Is he high functioning?”  “Do you think he’ll be high functioning?”  “Oh, it looks like he is high functioning.”

Nathan is who he is, high functioning or not.  What exactly constitutes “high functioning”?  I’m pretty sure I am not “high functioning” many days.  If he can do math when he’s in kindergarten, is he high functioning?  If he can only color outside the lines and not write his name yet in kindergarten, is he low functioning?  Who makes up these rules?  I know people mean well when they ask or comment on how they think he (or other children with Ds) is, but it just isn’t something that us moms (or dads) really need to hear.  How about making some different comments like….”He is so cute!” “What beautiful eyes!” “Looks like he is so much fun to be around.”

Ok, off my high horse.  If you happen to be that person that likes to discuss high and low functioning, you are not offending me, it’s just annoying.  I would rather discuss other things, like how funny it is when Nathan CLAPS all the time now!

Now time for some more pictures, as I have not been so good with blogging or posting pictures over the past few days.

“Hey, Mom…look at the snow!!”
Mesmerized by the snow outside….can’t believe it is snowing on OCTOBER 30th!

These are Nathan’s ADORABLE slippers!  I love them because they keep his feet warm (and they’re cute) and he loves to wear them 🙂