Although I have no picture of it (yet), I wanted to share the cutest new thing Nathan does.  We have what we call his “serious face”.  He lowers his chin to his chest and puts his eyes up towards his eyebrows.  He waits for you to do it back to him and then he cracks up.  I tried to get it on video tonight but of course as I took the camera out, the little stinker decided to stop.  So because I don’t have anything to post tonight (just too tired to think), I figured I would give you a teaser to what I will hopefully have visual proof of sometime this week.  As soon as I get pictures/a video, I will do another post on this absolutely hysterical new trick.

Oh and as a side note….Nathan has learned to CLAP!  We are so excited.  He will copy you if you begin to clap and sometimes if you ask him to, he will clap on his own.  It is adorable and he is so excited with himself.  We waited a long time for this adorable skill!