While we are all still getting over whatever nasty virus spread through our house, I took some cute pictures and videos of Nathan doing some pretty adorable things.

He has always thought it was fascinating that if he laid his head down on the table and knocked underneath, it made a cool sound.  I decided to join in and knock for him and he thought it was hysterical!  (see video below)

This is him with his head down on the table preparing to knock and hear me knocking.

Here are two different reactions to this noise and he thought it was so funny!

Nathan also has an little piano he plays (usually with his fists).  He loves to make noise on this thing, and let me tell you, it is NOISY!  He was sitting on the floor today after I picked him up from the babysitter’s and I put the piano in front of him.  Sick Daddy was sitting on the couch and cheering him on as he would play. (also in video below)

Here are some cute pictures of him playing his piano (and trying to clap).

And now for the long awaited video…