Today was a BEAUTIFUL day!  After going to church and doing some laundry at my parents, Nathan and I headed out for a late afternoon walk.  We actually made it down the LARGE hill by our new apartment and walked around the lovely little town we now live in.  Everybody is so nice and we met the sweet girl in the ice cream shop.  Nathan actually ate some ice cream today for the first time.  Before this, he would always spit it out and refuse more.  Today, he took about 20  bites and LOVED it!  So we will definitely be going back there.

No pictures to post, but I didn’t want to miss another day for “31 for 21”.  Tomorrow is Monday and I will miss being able to spend time during the day with my little boy.  But the weekend is coming again and we will be able to have some family time and enjoy our beautiful Nathan!  Have a good night and look for Day 17 tomorrow!