One of the things I love most about Nathan is the shape of his eyes.  The almond shape of is just perfect to me and I could stare at them all day.  As I was reading some other “31 for 21” blogs by other Ds moms, I came across one that I thought was really interesting.  She mentioned a new book that came out called, “The Shape of the Eye: Down Syndrome, Family, and the Stories We Inherit”.


Here’s an excerpt from the introduction…

“We were waiting for our family doctor. I felt—not serene, but expectant. Uncertain. Theresa lifted Laura from her car seat and set her, still sleeping, on the clean white paper of the exam table. I got out colored pencils and a notebook for Ellie. We were paging through magazines when Dr. E. came in, knocking softly. He closed the door, crossed the room, and turned towards us.

“We got the lab tests back,” he said. “Nancy called and had them faxed down here.” He paused.

“Laura does have Down syndrome,” he said.

Ellie was coloring quietly. From where I was standing, I could see the first tears forming in Theresa’s eyes.

“I believe,” he said, “that these children come to the families most able to take care of them.”

Here is a link to George Estreich’s website…

This book is definitely going on my “must read” list!