We have only been in Florida since yesterday morning but Erik and I miss our little ray of sunshine so much.  We know he is in good hands with his Grandma and Grandpa, but we can’t wait to hold and kiss him again!  Unfortunately, we do not get home tomorrow until AFTER he goes to bed 😛  We’ll have to go in and sneak some kisses.

Since I am on my uncle’s computer, I don’t have a lot of pictures or anything much to put in this post.  So I am going to connect you to another link for Reece’s Rainbow.  It is a wonderful organization that helps little ones abroad find their forever families.  Many of these babies and kids have Down syndrome.  Think about doing something different for the holidays and instead of buying each other material gifts, donate to Reece’s Rainbow and help a child in need.  When you read about some of the conditions in orphanages and institutions over there you will be disgusted. 

Check out this wonderful organization

I will try to post some Nathan pictures early this week!