So as part of the “31 for 21” challenge, some of us Ds moms have decided to do the same topic on every Thursday of this month.  Today’s topic is to talk about things we LOVE about Down syndrome.

A diagnosis of Down syndrome is a scary thing that leads far too many people to choose another route, usually abortion.  Many of the tests that are done prenatally can detect (not with 100% certainty) markers for Ds and doctors (for the most part) do not have the knowledge and compassion to explain to expectant mothers that Down syndrome is not the end of the world.  Will things be different? Yes…but aren’t they when any child is born?  Will your child with Ds have special needs?  Yes…but doesn’t everyone have some type of special need?  What will the future hold for your child with Ds?  Who knows!…but who knows whether a typical child will become president or a serial killer?  There is no cut and dry when it comes to Down syndrome and with a 92% (somewhere around there) abortion rate when a diagnosis of Down syndrome is given, far too many people are not being given the complete picture.  They are not told of the joy and love this child will bring.  Doctors do not tell those mothers and fathers how special a child with Ds is and how much he/she will change your life.

One of my goals is to spread the word to some local OB-GYNs and hospitals about ACCURATE facts about Down syndrome and to relay the positive along with the negative.

As you can see, there are MANY things I love about Down syndrome…..well, really many things I love about Nathan.  Because although he does have Ds, it is not who he is.  He is the sweetest, smiliest (a word?), cutest little person I have ever known.  His “cheeseball” smile, as we call it, can light up my day and makes me giggle.  When he goes in for a kiss, it is a wonderful moment.

And as I have promised for weeks now, some new pictures of our beautiful Nathan…..