After being home an entire summer and spending all of my time with Nathan, one thing I really miss is seeing his progress with his therapists.  He is currently receiving 8 therapies a week: speech, special instructor, occupational and physical.  Each and every one of them is great and he loves to work with them (for the most part!).

Today his speech therapist e-mailed me and shared with me that he consistently signed “for me” 7 times in a row.  It is simply a matter of him taking his flat hand and patting it on his chest, but he did it!!  And he did it appropriately when she asked if he wanted various things.  I wish I could have been there to see it!

We have been working on signing with Nathan for many months now.  Although we are not consistent, which I’m sure doesn’t help, he is just not picking it up.  He LOVES watching all of the “Signing Times” videos and I think he is “getting” it, but he just hasn’t shown us yet.  So when I heard that he actually signed a request, I was beyond ecstatic.

So for Day 5 of “31 for 21” I am excited to share this accomplishment.  Yay for you, Nathan!  Can’t wait to see what else you are going to learn 🙂