Along with the very important Breast Cancer Awareness Month, there is another theme for October that is very near and dear to my heart.  October is also “National Down Syndrome Awareness Month,” which many people do not know.  I have taken up a challenge called “31 for 21”.  This means I will be blogging (hopefully!) every day in October to raise awareness.  I won’t necessarily be blogging about Down syndrome, but some will include facts and stories and some posts will simply be about my little boy.

We kicked off this special month with our Buddy Walk in NYC last weekend.  The NDSS holds most of the Buddy Walks around the country throughout the months of September and October to raise awareness.  It was an awesome day and you can read more about it here.

Since we just (literally, last night) moved into our new apartment, I do not have any cute pictures or videos to post.  I promise I will do that throughout the month!  So for now, my first blog post encourages you to visit some of the blogs from my sidebar and read more about the beautiful families I have met (in person, or through my computer screen) in the last year and a half.  Their blogs may lead you to some other blogs.  I invite you to meet some of the most gorgeous children (and familes) I know!

More to come!