On Saturday, we attended our second Buddy Walk in Central Park.  For the entire week, we diligently watched the weather and prayed that the little box that said “showers” would disappear!  By Friday night we debated on whether or not to go in as Nathan was very congested and was running a low-grade fever.  And on top of that, it still said there was going to be rain and the walk has absolutely nowhere to run for cover.

By Saturday morning Nathan had woken up feeling better, no fever, much less congested.  The weather on the iPad app said “cloudy” instead of “showers” and looking out the window there was actually a glimpse of sun coming through the clouds.  It was definitely a sign (or many signs) that we should head on in to NYC.  We packed up our stuff and got Nathan all ready.  All three of us walked to the train station and got onto an 8:55am train.  Nathan LOVES the train (like his Daddy) and enjoyed the entire ride.  Unlike last year, he wanted OUT of his stroller and so we held him most of the journey.

Once at Grand Central we started our trek to Times Square to see the annual NDSS video that starred a few of our friends from the Ds community.  We submitted Nathan’s picture but it was not chosen 😦  Hopefully next year!  It was a great video and the crowd was a lot of fun.

From Times Square we headed to the subway (which Nathan also loves) and made our way to the Great Hill in Central Park.  I headed over to registration to get our cool t-shirts and tickets for the vendors for the day.  I was able to meet up with a few friends that I had made over the past year through BabyCenter and Facebook.  Nathan was reunited with his friend, Grady.

Our wonderful team all arrived on time and we started the walk around 12:15pm.  It is a very short walk (about a mile) and takes about thirty minutes.  We put Nathan’s cool yellow buddy walk shirt on and carried him some of the way.  It was quite humid, but no rain!

Yes, that is Chris Wragge from CBS’s “The Early Show”!  “Great” Aunt Laurie was quite excited to meet him!

Here is just some of the crowd at the beginning of the walk.

There was a wonderful support team throughout the entire walk that cheered us on.

Here’s one of most of our team walking.

We finally made it to the end of the walk (after a HUGE hill!) and Nathan got his medal.  We still have the medal from last year and I hope to collect a lot more!

After the walk we hung around Central Park and listened to some music, saw Rachel from “Signing Times” and visited more with great friends.

Nathan even got to meet Mickey!

We headed home later in the afternoon after walking through the city a bit.  Nathan did a lot of sleeping during the day (probably the heat) and we all had a lot of fun.  Erik and I are so grateful to those that came out and supported Nathan and NDSS.  It means more to us than you will ever know!  Can’t wait for next year!  Go Team “Nuts about Nathan”!!!