As the title reads, I really have been a terrible blogger.  I’m sorry to those who look here for pictures and updates of Nathan.  I promise I will try to do better!!  Things have been quite hectic with school starting back up and Nathan going to the new babysitter.  Here’s a little update on our lives and then I’ll throw in some cute pictures 🙂

Nathan is doing well.  He is loving being at the babysitter’s house and met two new three year old friends.  He is having some trouble with therapy, but I think it is the whole adjustment period that is throwing him off.  Some days he is fine, but sometimes he cries so hard that the therapist ends up stopping so he doesn’t start associating therapy with something bad.  Hopefully this will change soon as he definitely needs to be able to work with them on a weekly basis!

He is crawling all over the place, still on his belly, but is WAY faster than a month ago.  He uses all four limbs to do it and gets where he wants to go quickly.  I will have to take a new video to show you how much he has changed since he started.  It will only be a matter of time before he is up on all fours and then walking.

Going back to school full-time has been quite an adjustment, but I am glad to be back.  I did miss the routine and the interaction with adults on a daily basis.

All in all, we are doing well and very excited for our move in October.  It will be so nice to be in a new place and to make it “home”.  I am not looking forward to packing and actually moving, but I can’t wait to get there.

Ok, as promised, here are some pictures of the little Nathan.  We found out a few weeks ago that he LOVES black and white cookies.  So we decided one night to give him one after dinner.  Now, we knew things would get messy, but we did not think they would get THIS messy.  He had chocolate and cookie EVERYWHERE!  Needless to say, not much ended up in his mouth, but he did try to self-feed a few times and enjoyed playing with the cookie.

Needless to say, he ended up in the bathtub right after this cookie explosion, but he certainly enjoyed himself!