Nathan has had some pretty crazy hair for a while now, as you may have seen in other posts.  It’s longer on top and sort of brillo-pad-ish in the back.  It gets very curly in the humidity and then goes straighter on cooler days, hanging over his ears.  Since Mommy was going back to school, we thought it was time for Nathan to have his first haircut.
Here are some “before” pictures:


Erik and I attempted to take him on Saturday after his nap to a place called “Snip-Its”, geared towards kids with it’s decor, toys, etc.  Needless to say, it was the weekend before school started and the wait was an hour and a half!!!  So we turned around and left, planning to go back Monday as they were open on Labor Day.

We headed there early so we would be one of the first ones in line.  The line was already about five people deep and more were gathering by the minute.  We were let in right at 9:30 and were fifth in line and only waited for approximately 5 minutes.

The person who was going to cut his hair seemed very nice and obviously deals with children all day, so a 15 month old coming in for his first haircut was nothing for her.  She talked with us about what we wanted and we explained we only wanted a trim and to leave as much of his beautiful hair as she could without it hanging all over the place.  She happily agreed and gave us some suggestions as to how we could distract him while she cut his hair.  She started off by putting on the cape…

He seemed fine, for about 2 minutes and then he started to cry hysterically.  We tried bubbles, toys, singing, dancing, EVERYTHING to distract him and he was having none of it.  The stylist was very good at moving around as he turned his head and sobbed and held out his arms to be saved by one of us.  It only took her about 5 minutes to do his entire head.  Here’s is what he looked like by the end:

BUT HIS HAIR LOOKED GREAT!!  She did a really good job and he got a certificate with a piece of his hair.  He was also able to get a prize, a little rubber ducky, from a cool machine.

I haven’t taken any really good pictures of him with his new haircut, but here are some of he and Daddy right after we left…

He looks like such a little boy now, I can’t believe it.  I would definitely go back to this place again as they were so good with him, even with the crying.  Maybe next time he’ll enjoy the haircut?!?!  Can’t believe how grown up our boy is getting!