Spending the summer with Nathan is such a special time for me.  For all of the things I miss during the school year, I get to make up for it by being with him on a daily basis for over two months in the summer.  Although I love what I do and I got a little stir crazy towards the end of the summer, I will still miss being with Nathan all day.

School starts Tuesday and Nathan will be going to the babysitter’s house and also be with my mom on certain days.  I know he will do just fine and have fun interacting with other kids, but a part of me wishes I could be home for him.  Unfortunately I know this is not a reality, so I am blessed to have my mom and a babysitter who care for him.

What I will miss the most are the smiles I get when he wakes up from his nap.  As much as I looked forward to him going to sleep for a bit so I could get something done around the house or nap myself, I always waited with anticipation for him to wake up so I could see his huge grin.  I decided today to try to capture that moment on film, which was not easy as we all know how he does with cameras…lol.  But I did manage to catch some cute faces and I wanted to share what I got to see everyday during the summer.  My son, who always wakes up happy and smiling from a nap.  What could be better??

“Hey, Mom!  Why do you have a camera??”

“Ok, let me just stretch a bit….”

“I’m just blowing some raspberries for you before I crack that big smile.”“Here ya go!”

Usually I get about 10 of those huge tooth-y grins before I take him out of his crib.  At least I will get some of them in the morning before I go to work!
And now, just for fun, here is a pretty funny picture of our cat, Brosius, that Erik took tonight…
Looks like he either just smelled his paw and realized how stinky it was or he’s going to cough up a hairball.  What do you think this face was for??