Nathan has been mobile for quite a while as he learned to roll around early on and managed to get himself places pretty easily.  However, he would stay in one general area for a while and didn’t go very far.  Well, this is all changed since the little stinker has learned to army crawl.  He has gotten quite good (and fast) at getting himself into rooms, small areas, wiring, etc., where he doesn’t belong.  He actually knocked a large mirror toy down on his head the other morning and got quite a large bruise.  Granted, I probably shouldn’t have put it up on the toy box, but I was trying to get it out of the way and I didn’t realize he could be so quick!

It is really exciting (yet tiring) to follow him around the apartment and see where he wants to go.  He likes to get himself into the kitchen and play with the cabinets.

Sometimes he crawls his way to the hallway to try and chase the cat, or to get into our bedroom.

You can kind of see the bruise on his forehead in this one 😦  Poor baby.

Nathan is always on the move and now he goes all over so we have to chase him around.  It is definitely making me worried to know that he is only going to get faster and better at this moving around thing.  I definitely miss that little cuddly baby who would want to be held for hours on end.  Not that he was like that for long because he has been squirmy since he could move around, but it was nice while it lasted.

Keep moving, Nathan and enjoy exploring the world around you!