Well, we survived “Hurricane” Irene.  As most people did, we stocked up on water, food, batteries and flashlights.  I actually headed to the store earlier in the week knowing that it was going to be a mad house in any store starting at the end of the week.  Of course there was a few stores I had to get into on Friday, but I managed to get in and out fairly quickly.  We had all we needed to survive for a few days without power or water.  Erik, Nathan and I ended up going to my parents with my aunt Gladys on Saturday afternoon.  We figured if it was going to be bad, we might as well tough it out together….plus, they had a generator 🙂  Although there was a lot of rain and some pretty tough wind, it was quite a disappointing storm.  Not that I am unhappy about this!  I am glad we managed to escape with little damage and never lost our power.  Our apartment does not have any gas, but ConEd is here as we speak to work on that issue.

On the other hand, I know many people are still without power and have a lot of damage from floods and wind.  All of those people will be in our thoughts and prayers as the clean-up begins.  Erik, Nathan and I went out for a walk earlier this afternoon and took some pictures of the damage in our area.  Luckily, no one was killed, or hurt that I know of, with all of the flooding and wind around here.  It was amazing to see how much damage water can do though…


I hope everyone is safe and sound along the Eastern Coast.  Hopefully this is the last hurricane we have to deal with for quite a while!