It has been a while since I posted last.  Nathan is getting around very well now with his army crawling.  He is getting so good at getting where he wants to be, and FAST!  He ended up pulling quite a large toy on himself today and has two nice bruises on his forehead to prove it.  Can’t wait until we move into our new apartment where putting up fences to keep him in a contained area will be a lot easier.

We have been winding our summer down with visiting friends, doctors appointments, playing with toys and a lot more.  We went to a baptism on Sunday for a beautiful little girl named Hannah.  It was so special to see one of our friends from college, who is a pastor, baptize his own daughter.  They had a wonderful party at their house afterwards with a lot of good food.  Of course, since I am terrible with pictures, I did not get any of the adorable Hannah.  We did find out that Nathan likes black and white cookies, though!  And I did manage to get some pictures of Nathan in his plaid overalls that my friend Christine bought him a few weeks back.  I love the look of them, especially with the white polo shirt underneath.  He is getting to be so grown up!  Sorry for the lack of smiles…once again he saw the camera and stopped grinning 😛


I promise to be better with posts before I head back to school next Thursday!