Today Nathan and I traveled to meet our new friends Paul, Erin, Grady and Mason.  Erin and I had connected through the Baby Center group and then became friends on Facebook.  We both think our boys look a lot alike (and share designer genes) and couldn’t wait to get them together for a playdate.

Grady and Nathan seemed to really hit it off.  They had tons of fun “talking” with one another and trying to figure each other out.  We had a really nice lunch and Erin took tons of pictures of Grady and Nathan.  I can’t wait to see some of them and then I will share them on the blog.

It was an awesome feeling to be able to hang out with a mom who is close in age and who can relate to my situation.  It was nice to be able to discuss different questions we both have and to compare different strategies.  Erin is a wonderful mother and advocate and I hope that we can stay connected as friends.

The next time these two families will be together is at the 2011 NYC Buddy Walk in Central Park.  Last year, Grady and his family had a HUGE team that walked in support of the NDSS.  Please consider donating to either team, or joining us for the walk!

Thanks for such a special day today!!  🙂

Here is a sneak peek of the many pictures Erin took:

She is an amazing photographer and captured the two of them so well.  Thanks, Erin!