Since I haven’t been so good about taking pictures lately, I figured I would blog about a movie that has disgraced the special needs community and ask for your support.  I read a few days ago about a fellow mom on the Baby Center Down Syndrome board who went to see this reportedly funny, entertaining movie with Ryan Reynolds (whom I do like).  She wrote about a few lines in the movie that offended her deeply and she wanted to warn us about a certain scene.  I am going to put a few links on this post if you would like to find out exactly what was said, and also to read about boycotting this movie and the use of the “r” word in Hollywood.  Basically, Ryan Reynold’s character uses the “r” word in a derogatory way and then follows the comment up with the use of the word, “Downsy”.  Now I realize that there is freedom of speech and that no one HAS to see this movie, but to make fun of those with intellectual disabilities is just wrong.  If it was a racial slur, or an inappropriate comment about homosexuality, many different people would be up in arms.  But the “r” word is so (unfortunately) common, that there isn’t a second thought about it being in a movie or on a TV show.

Because of this movie, a few different Facebook groups have been started and some fellow moms have written some powerful posts on their blogs about this issue.  Here are some different links for you to check out if you’d like:

Some of these sites are connected to Facebook, so you will probably be prompted to log-in.

Please consider eliminating this movie from your list of “must see” films.  If we don’t stand up for those with intellectual disabilities, who will?  Thank you for “listening” to my rant 🙂