Nathan has always loved to play peek-a-boo.  He thinks it is hysterical when whatever is draped over your face falls and he can see you again.  When he was younger, he got the hang of pulling a cloth off of his own face and that made it even more fun.  Today, while Nathan was sitting on my lap facing me, he began to put his burp cloth over my eyes.  I thought he was just playing with it, but then he pulled it down and looked at me like, “well???”.  So I instinctively said “Peek-a-boo!”.  Well he thought that was hysterical and proceeded to put the cloth up again over my eyes.  He did this repeatedly for about 2 minutes.  I was cracking up by the end of the game.

I didn’t know if maybe it was a fluke, or something he wouldn’t do again for a while, so I thought I’d try it with him again while he was in his high chair for dinner.  Right away he remembered the game and started to play.  I had Erik go over and try it with him and he thought his daddy was the funniest!  I was able to snap some cute pictures while he wasn’t paying attention to the camera.  There will also be a cute video on my Facebook page that grandma took through Skype.