Since I will be busier than ever in September, I figured I would start packing up some of our non-essential items now.  This way, it will be much less to box up when the big move finally comes.  Since we know we have to be out of here by October, I know that these boxes will eventually be moved and unpacked in a new place.  While Nathan supervised from his pack-n-play yesterday, I packed some things up from his room.  I thought he might enjoy hanging out in one of the boxes for a bit, so I put him, with his talking dog, into a box.  He thought it was tons of fun and almost gave me some smiles for the camera.  It seems that as soon as I hold a camera in front of his face, he forgets how to smile.  I have tried 100 different ways to get him to give me one of those adorable, big, toothy smiles and he doesn’t seem to want to do it.  Eventually one day I will capture another adorable smiling picture to post on the blog.  He is still cute, regardless….

P.S. That little red spot on the left side of his face is some sort of skin condition.  We are not sure whether or not it is eczema, psoriasis or what.  He is going to the doctor next week, so hopefully we’ll find out then!  Don’t worry, it doesn’t bother him at all!