One of Nathan’s favorite toys is a small, green, talking dog named “Scout”.  His female counterpart is called “Violet” and she is equally as cute.  We received this toy from my co-workers a few days before Nathan was born and I finally got around to programming it a few months after he was born.  “Scout” says Nathan’s name, sings songs to him, recites cute phrases and they are all able to be changed.  There is a website that you can hook the toy up to and then choose songs, favorites, colors, etc. so that “Scout” will interact with your child.  When it was around Christmas, I had “Scout” singing a few different carols to Nathan.  Now that he has different interests, I am able to update “Scout”.

Since he is a soft toy, I tend to put “Scout” in the crib with Nathan when I need to keep him in one place while I get something done quickly.  He loves to grab his paws and push him over.  Now that Nathan is older, he can (usually inadvertently) get a song out of him or make him say something cute.

This is what I found the other day when I left Nathan in the crib for a few minutes to get something done in the apartment: