Nathan used to be an excellent napper.  When he was with Alissa in the morning, he would always seem to take a terrific nap.  Then, my mom could usually get him to nap for quite a while in the afternoon.  We were very lucky that all of his therapies tended to work around his nap schedule.

Now that he is with Mommy everyday, napping seems to become more of a struggle.  He will go down for a nap quite easily, but usually only sleeps from 45 minutes to 1 hour each time.  A total of 2 hours a day is not enough for my little one who wakes up as early as 5am every day.  No matter what time we put him to bed (7:30-8:00) his sleep schedule and napping tends to remain the same.

Maybe he is excited to be with me?  Maybe he feels like he’ll miss out on the summer fun?  I don’t know what it is, but I do know that he is so exhausted during the day when he doesn’t nap, that I wish he would just give in and sleep for a couple of hours for at least ONE of his naps!!!  I promise I won’t do anything fun without him!  And to be honest, some days I need time to take a nap (for more than 45 minutes).

Nathan, could you please take some good naps for Mommy today as she could use a little break?  Otherwise you end up like this by the end of the day (before bedtime, mind you….)