I have been somewhat of a slacker when it comes to this blog….I apologize!!  I am actually attending an Early Intervention Conference to learn more about the services offered by EI and be a partner to help other new parents who have children enrolled in EI.  I have met some amazing women and men and I am so glad I had a chance to do this.  Back to the actual blogpost…

Now that it is summer, I made a promise to myself to get outside more with Nathan than I did last year.  He was so tiny and it was so hot on so many days and I just couldn’t bring myself to get him outside too often.  I recently remembered that there was a pretty nice looking park around the corner from us that I wanted to check out.  During our daily (well, almost daily) 6:15am walk (yes, we walk as a family in the morning because it is the only time we have to do that!), we passed that park and I decided that Nathan and I would venture there again later that day.

He has never been to any type of park, gone on any swing or played on any playground equipment.  I wanted to see if he would enjoy the swings that I saw at the park.  I put him in there, not knowing what to expect and he was a little hesitant at first.  He wasn’t quite sure which way to lean or what to hold.  I started to barely push him and he started to smile.  As I pushed him a little more, he got even more excited and leaned his stomach into the swing and truly enjoyed himself.  We hung out on the swing for a bit and then headed to the playground equipment where mommy helped him go down the slide and play with some of the big kid stuff.  We spent a nice hour or so there and then headed back home.

I definitely plan to return there to have him enjoy the swings with dad and play some more on the equipment.  It is nice to have this little area right around the corner for us to enjoy.

Here are some photos of Nathan enjoying the swing and the park: