As you may have read on previous posts, Nathan does not like to use his arms for anything physical.  His PT and OT work on that issue constantly, and he still hates it.  He is definitely getting better, but still fights us on doing anything that requires arm strength or movement.

A while ago I came across a toy snail that has a mirror on it and it sings and lights up.  Well Nathan didn’t really care about it at first because he was quite little when I purchased it.  He has taken quite a liking to it now that he can roll onto his stomach on his own and look at himself.  The snail also rolls, or it can be locked into place.  This comes in handy when the child starts to crawl because he/she can push it along with him/her.

We are patiently waiting for Nathan to gain this skill, but he does love to look at himself in the mirror and tries to push the snail while attempting a slight army crawl.  Although he basically rolls himself over every time he goes to do the army crawl, he is SO CLOSE!!  Erik and I can’t wait to celebrate in this achievement with him.

My guess?  This snail is going to make him crawl…..what do you think??