Nathan does not like to use his arms or hands very much when asked.  He will play with toys, pull hair and earrings, and all of those types of things.  But when it comes to making him use his arms/hands to push up into all fours or pick up a yogurt drop, he all out refuses.

One of the things I wanted to try with him, to get him used to different sensory input, was fingerpainting.  In Wal-mart on Sunday, I happened to see washable fingerpaints with a really large drawing pad right next to it.  I took the opportunity to pick both of those up and planned to use each as soon as possible.

Nathan woke up early from his nap today :P, so I thought it would be the perfect time to try out our new fingerpaints.  Since we can’t go outside (it’s too darn hot) and I don’t have a big enough kitchen, I placed him in his highchair without the tray and taped the paper to our dining room table in front of him.  I squirted some paint (four different colors) from the tubes.  He immediately put his hands into it, but only one at a time.  When I would try to get him to use both at a time, he would fuss, so I gave up for now.  At least he enjoyed using one hand at a time and didn’t make TOO much of a mess.  Unfortunately, he could only reach half of the paper, so we’ll have to try another tactic next time.  But he seemed to like it and made a beautiful painting for Daddy to take to work.

Here are some pictures from our first fingerpainting extravaganza: